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Enterprise ERP


H-SDMS – Management Module is used by the management end, to store and retrieve student’s records online in cloud. This modules will holds all the basic information about the student till his/her tenure with the institution. It holds all the basic records like, student personal database, attendance records, academic records, fee payment records, sports and cultural activates records, examination records, and even more.

This module will allows the management to view the student academic reports and sports records closely right from his/her date of joining with graphical comparison study. This system allows the management to cover more concentration on students who are academically week.
Management module also come with student health history database, which allows the management to monitor healthy life of each and single students.

Management module will holds all student records in the institution in class, department ad section wise. It will be more helpful for the management, to have a comparison study between classes in section wise.

Online interaction portal is available with Hindustan – Student Database Management System, which allows the management to interact with all teaching & non- teaching staff, students and parents through online from anywhere in the world.

Teachers meeting is also possible in a closed circuit group, with our advanced Video Conference Meeting application. Our in-built E-Mail application comes with 100’s of free templates, which allows the management to send automated e-mails to staff’s, parents and students to interact with them closely.

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