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Smart Teacher


Hindustan – Student Database Management System gives complete database of your teaching & non-teaching staff into a single frame work. You can access to all set of information’s of your teaching & non-teaching staff like, classes they handle,

designation, DOJ, past & current records, salary details, personal database and more.

The most interactive advantage of this module is, it allows all your teaching staff to share all the teaching equipment’s with your students, update their homework details, post day work & activities, update marks & results in the database and etc.

It also provides the attendance details of your staff and it helps the management to track the performance of the staff with their related classes they handle with graphical representation and more.


Hindustan Student Database Management System (HSDMS), apart from providing a collaborative interactive ERP Software Solution, in Staff Module it provides a Smart Class Room Solution from Interactive Smartboard Infrastructure.

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Interactive SMART Board

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