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Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program is designed to save and support our National Animal - Tiger which is declared as a endangered species in India. As a corporate we would like to take small steps to support our Indian Government & State Government in protecting & enhancing the habitat of our Tigers. 


Indian Big Cats especially Royal Bengal Tigers is almost in danger due to illegal poaching & killing for it's skin, hair, tooth, bone and meat.. At certain point of time their numbers were restricted in 100's. Due to Government & various environmental protectors actions, today there is rapid increase of our Big Cats. We thought it is our (All Indians) to protect & prevent our country, environment, forest, wildlife for our FUTURE GENERATION. We have decided to help our big cats which is our National Animal by adopting as our Corporate Brand Ambassador. 

In addition to that, we plan to extend our support financially to denote a certain portion of Fund for the welfare of our endangered Indian Species. This fund will be kept publicly visible and the Fund will added to the President of India - Indian Tiger Welfare Account. Thus we support our Nation !



Because we understand, there is no PLANET B

To have more awareness about the program, kindly visit the below provided link. 


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