Hindustan e-Shiksha 

A ERP for Education Sector

Hindustan – e-Shiksha is an advanced version of SaaS model Enterprise Application built exclusively for Education Sector. It comes with separate modules for Management, Staffs, Teachers, Parents & Students. It is a complete solution for the institution which handles the entire actives of the institution in digital version across 360 degree. You can convert your entire institution into e-Campus Vihar using e-Shiksha Enterprise Application.

Hindustan – e-Shiksha use most advanced and sophisticated technology to store and retrieve data's entire campus data's on cloud like student records, staff records, academic records, e-learning contents, study materials, health records, financial & payment records, admission, transaction records and etc. It power you to view and analyze and download the data's in interactive infographic dashboard. This will help the management to have Bird's e eye view of campus activities like attendance records, fee collection records, financial statements and etc. It is designed to retrieve the data at point of time in a fraction of time to print, share and process for decision making.

You can create own e-Library and display all your learning resources using this digital platform. You can conduct classes, seminars, webinars, events and all meetings on Virtual Class Room, accept homework's, assignments, class works, record books, 


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