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Employer's Seeking HIRPL Employees BG Verification ! 

It is very important for the employer's to cross check with the Employee Background verification, before you provide offer to them.. In this section we will discuss, how employers need to approach us for "Employee Background Verification", who are all rehiring our Ex-Employee ("Hindustan Industrial Research Private Limited")

HIRPL advise all the employer's and Government & Non-Government agencies to approach our HR Department & Legal Department by writing up a proper e-mail, with explanation why & what kind details you are in need about the  concern employee. 

Subject to complexity of the case details, in accordance with "Code of Ethics", we will share the details, under the guidance with  "Employment Act, 2017".  

What kind of details we offer !

Recruiters who were rehring our ex-employees, can send us a mail to our HR Department ~, asking for concern employment details. If the mail seems to be authenticate, we will share his/her employment details. 

In the meantime, we advise the recruiters to cross check with our "Offer Letter", "Appointment Order", "Pay Slips" and other company documents with us.  Kindly don't process with FAKE documents. 

Other than recruiters, who are in need of Employee Background Verification about our Employee's or Ex-Employee's, do approach our legal department at Subject to complexity of the case details, in accordance with "Code of Ethics"   we will share the details, under the guidance of  "Personal Information Act, 2004". 

Incase any of you came across a FAKE HIRPL documents or HIRPL Identity, you are requested to highlight & escalate the matter with us. If you want to discuss the matter to the TOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT, forward your mail to

Legal Heir by HIRPL 

As per Indian Penal Code any activities involved in reproducing, handling, processing FAKE documents is a serious Criminal Act under the sections : 

  • IPC Section 420 - Involvement in Fraud Activities ​

  • IPC Section 464, 465 -  Fake Documents, Forgery 

  • IPC Section 405 - Breach of Trust

All the legal proceeding will be subjected to either Chennai High Court Jurisdiction or Central Govt. Industrial Tribunal cum Labour Courts, New Delhi. 

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