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Employee Welfare   Program

Hindustan Industrial Research Pvt Ltd, has become a Global Partner with "Coffee Day" under Hindustan Staff Wellfare Scheme to boost the productivity of the employees in their day to day work activies. Hindustan Industrial Research will provide the same program in all branches globally with "Coffe Day" in servering its staff with health original "Coffee Day" breverages. A Original "Coffee Day" machin will be deployed in all the offices of Hindustrial Research to server its staff and all other associates of Hindustan Corporate Group of Companies ! 

If you asked us where the coffee beans that went into your cappuccino came from, we'd probably be able to tell you. The journey that the coffee in that perfect cup of yours has been on is worth writing about.

The folks that work at our estates are a tenacious bunch. They will visit each coffee plant several times over the harvest season so that they pick the berry when it is just right: neither under-ripe nor over-ripe. The processed beans get carefully roasted, until we hear the second 'pop', which means they're ready.

All roads that lead to that final ultimate objective : a great cup of coffee. From bean, to cup. Every time.


Right, this is where we tell you stuff that you probably already know, but just in case. Caffeine was put through some really rigorous tests by the up-all-night researchers at MIT and they found that it was a 'mind-accelerating mood-booster'. We're sure you could do with some of that.

That's not all, caffeine improves mental performance, improves reaction time and attention span. Now there's your explanation for all the great ideas you've had while at a CCD, right? Coffee also reduces the risk associated with certain cancers, cirrhosis of the liver and other scary stuff that we're too grossed out to write here. But it's true!

Drink coffee, stay happy, stay healthy!


So if you've ever wondered how coffee gives your brain that edge, this is your lucky day! Coffee's secrets revealed. Adenosine gets together with its receptors inside your noodle and that's when you feel drowsy. When caffeine (coffee's celebrated active ingredient) shows up, it attaches itself to your receptors. When the pituitary gland gets a whiff of this, it comes to the (probably erroneous) conclusion that there's an emergency and gets the glands to let loose a load of adrenalin. This and the boosted dopamine level give you what you know as the caffeine high. Neat, right? Now, more coffee.

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